co.exist allows public and private buildings to guarantee, in a simple and immediate way, access control, in addition to the compliance with health and government regulations regarding social distancing and gatherings. Thanks to the use of the video stream of the cameras already installed inside the building for safety and security purposes, co.exist allows workers and non-employees the access to the places of interest in complete safety. The authorized personnel will receive real time notifications in case of violations or when the capacity threshold is near, and it will be able to consult historical data on a web interface with easy-to-read graphical representations. Alerts can be sent through Telegram to any chosed device, like tablets or mobiles, to monitoring areas like the reception or the surveillance room, or visualized on a simple and intuitive web interface, or integrated with other third party systems. To allow a process of analysis of the customers flow and the planning of preventive action, all that's detected will be archived online to be consulted in the future.

co.exist allows public buildings (hospitals, museums, universities, etc.) and private buildings (e.g. offices, factories, etc.) to integrate sophisticated measures against the spread of Covid-19 in an extremely easy and fast way, by optimizing already present resources. Algorithms based on neural networks transform the cameras installed inside the store into multisensors for an intelligent monitoring of the store. The information collected by the co.exist platform allows not only to guarantee punctual compliance with the directives but also to benefit from important data for a business intelligence action.

The co.exist platform "Building & Governments" consists of the following video analytics modules based on neural networks.