co.exist optimizes and enhances the surveillance activity by leveraging on the CCTV and network infrastructure already present on site, guaranteeing Local Administrations, Public Service Companies and Managers a greater capillarity and a punctual and targeted interventions by the police or the supervisors. The goal is to promptly counteract actions that are not in line with the government directives for health. co.exist is ideated for public areas where video surveillance cameras are already present, city areas, extra-urban roads, metro and railway stations, bus stops or airports. co.exist transforms video surveillance cameras already installed into sophisticated analysis sensors, capable of providing, through the definition of virtual areas within the same frame, timely information on the alerted area. The authorised personnel can get immediate notifications through Telegram, and also be able to check alarms and data as a list or as a dashboard on a easy and intuitive web interface, also available mobile.

The co.exist platform allows enhancing the controls on the territory, without increasing the number of people dedicated to this activity, generating alerts in the event of social distancing violations, the detection of gatherings of people and/or unusually large and anomalous vehicular flows. Also, the archiving in the database of the events and data collected related to the flow of people and vehicles allows benefiting from important and strategic historical information for planning both the surveillance activity and the management of the road network.

The co.exist platform "City & Transportation" consists of the following video analytics modules based on neural networks.